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Name: Sarah Barnes
Business Name: Jamberry Nails
Contact #: (949)357-4567
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How would you describe yourself?
I am a mom of three beautiful girls with a passion for life! I’m the creative type with lots of energy and determination. During the week I am a second grade teacher but late at night and on weekends I am Jamberry obsessed!

How long have you been involved in your business?
I am new to the company; I recently started in August 2014.

What keeps you motivated?
I am a very goal driven person and I love to check off my accomplishment list. One of my biggest motivators is being a role model to my girls. I want them to see that you can be successful if you put in the time, effort, and hard work.

Tell us a little about your family.
My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We were married during my senior year in college. After a few years of a wonderful partnership in marriage, we had our first daughter Jillian, who was followed quickly by our second daughter Olivia. Then we jumped into it one more time for our third daughter Claire. I am blessed to have such a supportive family! My girls continue to amaze me as they grow older.

How do you prioritize family and your business?
Showing my girls that being successful takes hard work can take a bit of juggling. Since I work full time as an elementary teacher my day times are devoted to the classroom. After school I am 100% mom, then once they go to bed I hold a healthy balance between working on Jamberry and being a wife to my husband. The weekends are my time to shine with Jamberry. My husband is amazing and will take on a lot of the responsibilities, letting me go off for several hours for a house party or a vendor event. I always make time for my family so that they know I will always be there for them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would really like to see my Jamberry business grow and become more of a career than a side business. I’d like to step away from the classroom and be a part of a company that allows me to spend more time with my girls.

Biggest life lesson learned?
Hardwork and never giving up is the only way to succeed. I became a teacher at the worst possible time. Between budget cuts and class sizes increasing the job market was just not there. With perseverance, multiple credentials, and a Master’s Degree, I was able to land a steady job. Now I can apply those same principles to working with Jamberry!

Biggest lesson you’ve learned in business?
It’s a marathon not a sprint! Sometimes I want things sooner than they are happening and I have to remind myself that the big things come in time.

What is your secret to success?
Hardwork and not fearing failure! I think that it is important to remember that with failure comes knowledge and every time you get better and stronger.

All Entrepreneurs encounter bad days. How do you handle yours?
I reflect on the day to see what went wrong and how I can fix it for the next go around. I have an amazing support system with my family as well as my Jam-Family on Facebook. There is always someone available to help me find new solutions to problems.

What was your sweetest success story?
I ran a Facebook Fundraiser for my class with Jamberry Nails. I donated my entire commission from the party to my classroom. I was able to raise enough money to buy one iPad mini for my class to use for creative projects and individualized learning activities!

How do you relax?
Going on a date with my husband. He is my rock to lean on! When I need to relax we will call in the grandparents for babysitting and go out to a nice restaurant or simply go for a walk on the beach.

Do you send out a monthly newsletter?
Not yet but it is on my to do list for the near future. I would like to be able to connect to my customers with tips and tricks as well as monthly specials that are being run.

How can we get on your mailing list if we are interested in more information?
Please “like” my Facebook page at for on going updates and weekly specials. I also have a page on Google Plus.


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